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Unified Field Theory of Design (also in Italian)

Recipe for a Successful Website

Personal Websites

The Interactive Development Process

What has Experience Design come to?

Understanding Seductive Interfaces

Interfaces for Understanding

Internet: The Next Generation


Experience Design Course Syllabus: Stanford 1998

Interaction Design Course Syllabus: Stanford 1996

Experiences Taxonomy

Senses Taxonomy

Communications Matrix

The following are articles from column in New Media Magazine, The Architect:

Identity Crisis, December 1998

Arrogance Paves the Way to Obsolescence, November 1998

Safe at Any Speed, October 1998

Online Branding, July 1998


Business Models for a Post-Consumer World (PDF: From AIGA Pivot confernece and GreenBiz Innovation Forum)

Designing The Invisible (PDF): On designing meaningful experiences from Istanbul Design Week and Burlington, VT

Experience Workbook (PDF: updates to the Experience and Meaning Templates)

Teaching Sustainability

TEDxSOMA: Meaning: The Next Frontier (video)

IXDA 2010 presentation (PDF)

Swissnex panel on Design in Business

Science Fiction interfaces

A Better World by Design 2009 talk (PDF)

Rethinking Consumption talk from Sustainable Brands (PDF)

BusinessWeek interview (podcast)

Commonwealth Club panel 1 (video)
Commonwealth Club panel 2 (video)

compostmodern talk and slides on sustainable design (PDF)

Digging Deeper: Sustainable Design (IDSA SF conference, July 23)

Design is the Problem (Overlap 08, MacWorld 08, IDSA Connection Congress, San Francisco) and en Français (le Design est le Probleme) thanks to the wonderful David L'Hôte.

InnoFuture presentation (PDF)
Experience Template
Meaning Template

Meaningful Innovation (Bogota, SF MX conferences)

Make It So (SXSW)

Creating Meaningful Experiences (from Brussels) (updated)

New Methods for Experience Design
(Boston and Stockholm workshops)

Brand Futures Scenario White paper

Experience Design (from the AIGA Scottsdale presentation on Thursday, November 15, 2001

Evolving Design Firms (from the AIGA/DC Growth lecture series)

The Interactive Industry

Online Branding

Personal Websites

Understanding Seduction

What is Interactivity anyway?

Performance and Compatibility Tips

There's a Storm Coming...

What's so Interactive about Interactive Shopping?

1996: The Year in Review

100 Years

My Mission:

My aim in my career is to understand the mechanics of communication on a deeper level. The components of expressing and communicating in several media as well as the elements of creating rewarding experiences are important for me to master--no matter what medium.

I believe that the Information Age is just now starting and that we have been in the Age of Data. This has been characterized by a proliferation of relatively meaningless and useless data that has little impact on our lives. I am dedicated to transforming data into information and then into knowledge and wisdom, as well as teaching others to do the same. These steps begin by understanding the mechanics of organization and presentation. It is also imperative to know which media work well for what kinds of messages: text, sound, voice and music, animation, video, illustrations, photographs, and diagrams, video, and other forms. Using media inappropriately can destroy a message's meaning and impact.


To me, interface design is the combination of three disciplines: information design, interaction design, and sensorial design. It is not possible to separate this relationship nor ignore their concerns. The goal of all of these processes is clear communication in appropriate forms. This is done by creating compelling experiences and understanding the component of experience.


Experience is the place in which knowledge can grow and interaction is the means by which valuable experiences can be created. Knowledge is an experience as opposed to an object; a process more than a thing. Interaction design is a way of comparing and understanding how different kinds of experiences can be developed to support the goals and messages of any communication. My interest is not to focus merely on print, video, and interactive products, but on all experiences since these products and any communications need to compete within the full spectrum of human experience and not merely against interactive television, CD-ROMs, and game cartridges.


One of the best ways to communicate is through conversations and this is the next step for interactive products to take. It is also something that people must be helped to do well.

Communication is more than merely talking or writing. It is the most important experience with which we live. It is the key to successful business, understanding, and interaction. Good communication is critical to all interaction, whether between two friends, or many strangers. Successful communication relies on literacy with all forms of communication, including, text, images, sounds and music, voice, diagrams, numbers, and video for both producers and consumers. Being able to communicate clearly means being able to choose which medium is most appropriate to the message.

All communication is viral in nature. This is to say that the mechanisms for the creation, transformation, and transmission of all messages are analogous to those for genetic material. There are, in effect, ecologies of information and meaning that are woven into all aspects of our communications, including how we think, store, and retell our thoughts and experiences. It is my current goal to understand these mechanisms in order to build a taxonomy with which to use to create even more successful messages and help others to understand how to communicate better.

To me, this is the new domain. It is a dimension that has been there all along, but one in which I am only now becoming aware of. It is also at the very heart of how we relate and communicate to each other and, I feel, is our next step in evolution. | experience design | thoughts | projects | inspirations | photography | me | travel