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This presentation was first given at the American Center for Design's Living Surfaces Conference in 1997. It was repeated and enhanced at the Digital Storytelling Festival in 1998. Parts of it are referred to in the premiere issue of Net Company, a quarterly journal from Fast Company.

Personal websites are one of the few new forms of personal expression to arise out of the last few decades--certainly out of the computer and media industries. No longer a simple curiosity, the growth in personal websites points to some inherent need people have for self-expression. However, there is a wide gulf between those who find this medium an exciting opportunity and those who see it as yet another form of self-absorption.

For designers, personal websites are, at once, a new phenomenon (a type of design project never before existing), and at the same time, merely the latest take on that old, established product: the self promotion. There are already a number of issues surrounding this new application, but if anything, personal websites are probably the quintessential fin-de-siècle product as they reflect the natural evolution of Andy Warhol's ideas of fame, blended with Tom Peter's realization that the most important brand is "you."

A personal website may be the best tool with which to build your own brand since it's on 24-7 and accessible to everyone in the world who can touch the Internet . However, this creates its own problems as we'll soon see.

Why Would Someone Want Their Own Website Anyway?

The Types of Personal Websites:

The Issues around Personal Websites:

The Future of Personality


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