seductive interfaces

Seduction? in the interface?

Seduction is not an adjective most people would associate with a computer interface or media, but whether they realize it or not, most people have been either seduced or the target of seduction by almost all forms of media. Successful seduction, however, is a careful art that is not easily mastered nor invoked.

Seduction, in fact, has always been a part of design, whether graphic, industrial, environmental, or electronic. For many, seduction immediately connotes sex appeal or sexual enticement. In fact, the sexual aspect is not the essence of its meaning as much as enticement and appeal.

Seduction is a portion of a field of study into the persuasive aspects of computing and other media, called CAPTology.

I believe that it's important to view the interface as an opportunity to seduce people--not for nefarious reasons, for in order to enhance their experiences and lives. | experience design | thoughts | projects | inspirations | photography | me